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New Yorker Henry Cutler's corporate job transported him from California to the Netherlands. The wooden shoe, cheese and tulip growing industry was monopolized, he considered windmill repair, but he ended up fiddling around with bikes. Proper Dutch bikes, that is. Because nothing is more thrilling and challenging than beating the Dutch at their own game.

Enjoy his personal blog, of an American living and breathing Dutch bikes in the lion's den, sharing his views on bicycles, bicycle design, bicycle culture and bicycles news in general. Warning: sprinkles of snark, irony, sarcasm and (sometimes dark) humor included. Complaints are also welcome in the comments. Spam is not.


Yay, WorkCycles COVID-19 Crisis Sell-a-thon (Updated)

UPDATE: All of these bikes have been sold and our Sell-a-Thon has officially ended. We’re back to business as usual… aside from the COVID-19 precautions of course. It took a pandemic but Henry’s writing again! Let’s just hope I have more pleasant things to muse about soon! Meanwhile a few of you are going to […]

WorkCycles Fr8 “Massive Rack”

Passing through the workshop the other morning I noticed there were four Massive Rack equipped WorkCycles Fr8’s being serviced, all from different Amsterdam customers. Each were quite unique bikes as well. Electric assist via a hub motor was being installed on the black and froggy green one. The battery will go under a false floor […]

Winter 2016-17: Reinventing WorkCycles

This is WorkCycles’ improvised “photo studio” and a good example of how things look behind the scenes here. We’re a small and flexible firm, and everybody who works here (all seven of us!) has to wear various hats. I’m the director but can sometimes be found in the workshop wrenching bikes though more often I’m […]

Beldoppen: Why Only Some People Can Be Artists

Pete Jordan invited me for coffee a couple days ago. Pete is perhaps best known for his 1990’s zine Dishwasher Pete but I know him as another bicycling obsessed Amsterdammer and author of the very thoroughly researched book “In the City of Bikes: The Story of the Amsterdam Cyclist“. It’s an absolute must-read for anybody […]

Time for a Winter Deal: Wicked Special Edition WorkCycles Bikes

UPDATE 3 Feb 2016: The WorkCycles Winter Special Edition bikes have been a great success so we’ve decided to continue offering them until the end of February… with some small changes though: The WorkCycles credit offered though January is no longer part of each package. Now it’s just the bikes which are already a great […]

WorkCycles Hoodies Again!

UPDATE 2015-11-30: OK, it’s finally time to get this back-burner project rolling! We’re sorting out the orders and will have MoreColor print the clothes. Due to popular demand T-shirts and more kids hoodie options have been added. Below I’ve added the full list with prices. Just send a mail with your requests. Back when WorkCycles […]

Just an 8 Tooth Cog in the Machine

This folks is an 8 tooth cog. These are the tiniest cogs in the bike world and probably in all of machine world too since a gear with only eight teeth is actually a pretty bad idea. The problem is that it’s not really round, it’s basically an octagon so it runs roughly as it’s […]

Just in the Nick of Time!

Whether I’ve the time or not, or a burning topic to write about is utterly irrelevant. I just noticed that in four days it’ll be a YEAR since I last added a post to Bakfiets en Meer. Jeetje, I’m sucking at this blog thing. Fortunately the blogging conditions are ideal today; The weather is too […]

Introducing the WorkCycles Kr8 bakfiets… Finally!

The Kr8 handles so sweetly that even a petite mom (160cm, 47kg in this case) can easily ride with a considerable load. Just a couple weeks ago I wrote about our mighty, new Vrachtfiets. But wait, there’s more news at WorkCycles! The WorkCycles Kr8 bike is finally here and (patting self on shoulder) it’s just […]

Introducing the Mighty Vrachtfiets

Sinterklaas and two Zwarte Piets test the Vrachtfiets in the TU Delft wind tunnel. The Vrachtfiets is a really big, heavy-duty cargo hauler on four wheels that can do things pretty much no other bike can. It’s sturdy like a traditional Dutch bakfiets yet thoroughly modern with an ingenious suspension system and gasp…. electric assist. […]

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