Cargobike and family tandem rentals

WorkCycles is best known for the development and sales of utility bikes but we also have a small fleet of rental bikes. Rent a cargo bicycle for an event, or perhaps cater a picnic in the Vondelpark. Take the kids for a day out. You can also rent a Fr8, Gr8 or Kr8 as an extended test ride - if you purchase one we subtract up to 3 days of rental fees from the price of the bike.

All WorkCycles rental bikes are kept in good working order and the rental price includes strong locks.

Important to know
A cash only deposit and valid ID are required for each rental.

Please call to make a reservation. Emailed rental requests tend to get ignored.

See our contact page for phone numbers, opening hours and directions.

1: 9.30 - 13.00, "morning"
2: 13.30 - 17.30, "afternoon"
3: 18.00 - 9.00, "evening"

City bikes with character Bike type A
WorkCycles Kr8
Onderwater Family Tandem
Onderwater Family Tandem

your 1st period cost 15
period thereafter 10
1 day 35
2 days 60
3 days 90
4 days 120
5 days 145
6 days 170
7 days 195
more, per day 20  
after 14 days more, per day 10
sun/holiday** per day 10
cash deposit 200

**Only valid when rented more than two days.
Not valid on King's Day or New Years Eve