WorkCycles Fr8 V8 Special Edition


The Fr8 V8 is our ultra versatile and awesome riding transport bike. Carry the whole family, lots of your stuff or just enjoy its stable, solid ride. The added boost of the Pendix mid motor makes light work of it all.

In April we ran three great deals which are extending through May: we offer the SE package including our most popular Fr8 V8 specs and options plus a few super handy extras that we use ourselves.

Your Fr8 V8 will be a subtle dark bordeaux red with orange rims and come with dual 300Wh batteries. Though one battery has enough range for most trips we’ve found swapping between two batteries really handy. One battery sits on the charger while riding with the other, or bring both for a long day on the road.

Further we’ve outfitted this bike with low maintenance Nexus Premium 8sp hub, rollerbrakes, City front carrier, long rear carrier, MT crate with sound damping mat and a couple other little extras.

Only in May, all this Fr8 goodness, that would normally cost €4249- is offered for €3799- including VAT.

Please note that we cannot ship our electric assist bikes overseas.

Special features

  • The German made Pendix motor is silent, unobtrusive and extremely reliable.
  • Thanks to WorkCycles’ AST geometry the Fr8 is quickly adjustable to fit almost all adult riders (roughly 160-200cm).

Load capacity

About 200kg combined including rider, cargo and 0-3 kids

Standard specifications

  • Pendix 250W, 48V crank motor
  • 300Wh Li-Ion battery mounted low in the frame
  • TIG welded Chrome-Moly frame
  • Tough multilayer powdercoat finish
  • Stainless steel handlebar, stem, fenders, spokes, hardware
  • Hub dynamo, internally wired LED headlamp and taillamp with standlight
  • Heavy duty wheels with puncture resistant Schwalbe Big Ben Plus tires
  • Wide double leg centerstand


Pendix E-Bike Conversion Deal

Already have a WorkCycles Fr8, Kr8, Cargobike or other good bike but want/need electric assist? We can rebuild your bike with the same sophisticated Pendix motor system that we build new bikes with. This is no fly-by-night Alibaba DIY job. No, the Pendix is a beautifully engineered, German made mid motor (in the crankset). There’s no stupid display on your handlebars and it’s built tough.

Not only will the Pendix will fit the Fr8, Kr8 and Cargobike, we can also install it in many other types of bikes. In general there must a suitable place to mount the cylindrical battery unit, normally easy on men’s type frames. “Ladies” type frames can be trickier, at least if maintaining a low step through is important.

Every bike we’ve converted thus far has needed some repairs, maintenance or minor modifications so we’ve included an extra hour of labor and €60 to cover such costs. If your bike requires more service we’ll discuss the costs of the repairs needed. We can only convert bikes in our Amsterdam workshop; Please bring your bike to discuss.


Pendix conversion including, installation, one hour of additional service and €60- of service parts. WorkCycles Fr8 or City Bike, with 300Wh battery:
  • Normally €1820-, now €1549,-
  • Upgrade to 500Wh battery (if it fits) €200,-
  • Upgrade to dual 300Wh batteries (super handy!) €550,-<

WorkCycles Kr8 or Cargobike, with 500Wh battery:
  • Normally €1960-, now €1699,-
  • Upgrade to dual 300Wh batteries (super handy!) €350,-

C. Generous Trade-In

Maybe you have an ageing WorkCycles Fr8 or Gr8 that needs considerable repairs or you want a different specification/color or you’re just ready for that new bike feeling? We'll give you a generous trade-in price for your bike toward a Fr8 V8 or Kr8 V8 (either Special Edition or specification of your own choice).

We keep it simple, with the trade-in value based on the following table. The value of the bike type x condition percentage equals trade in value:

Type 1 - €1000: Fr8 Universal frame with 8sp or Nuvinci and LED headlamp (2013 and newer)
Type 2 - €800: Fr8 Universale frame 3sp or Fr8 Crossframe with 8sp
Type 3 - €600: all Fr8 2sp or single-speed coaster brake, older Fr8s (2012 and older), WorkCycles Classic City Bike or Secret Service 8sp
Type 4 - €400: other WorkCycles Classic City Bike or Secret Service

Condition A - 100%: Clean bike, just needs minor service
Condition B - 75%: Good bike that needs a couple hours work and some parts
Condition C - 50%: Bike needs major repairs and/or repainting.

In principle the trade-in deal is intended for local customers but shipping bikes within the region is also possible. Just contact us to discuss.

Price:  €3.140
VAT 21%:  €659
Price including VAT:  €3.799

WorkCycles Fr8 V8 Special Edition