WorkCycles Fr8 V8


WorkCycles’ phenomenally versatile and sweet riding Fr8 transport bike has a worldwide cult following. The Fr8 V8 with electric assist via a German made Pendix motor adds a new dimension: Ride easily with heavy loads, loaded up hills, greater distances against the Dutch wind. Ride to work in hot weather. No sweat.

The Fr8 isn’t just another bike; It’s a carefully engineered system of modular components and accessories that can be outfitted to do everything from riding with 3 kids to carrying 200kg of cargo. Thanks to it's unique geometry, frame-fixed carriers and extreme stiffness it does it all with ease. No matter what you load on it a Fr8 remains stable and confidence inspiring. Configure your Fr8 V8 as you need, and update it as your needs change.

The Fr8 V8 is a real Dutch bike; Designed in Amsterdam by cycling enthusiasts who sweat the details, and hand made in the Netherlands. You sit comfortably upright and the bike is fully equipped for daily transportation, dry or wet, day or night. The drivetrain is fully enclosed to minimise maintenance. The silent, maintenance free hub dynamo powered lighting is internally wired through the frame, fork and fender. Being a WorkCycles the Fr8 V8 is built to live outdoors and endure years of day to day use.

Special features

  • Thanks to WorkCycles’ AST geometry the Fr8 is quickly adjustable to fit almost all adult riders (roughly 160-200cm).

  • The German made Pendix motor is silent, unobtrusive and extremely reliable.

Load capacity

About 200kg combined including rider, cargo and 0-3 kids

Standard specifications

  • Pendix 250W, 48V crank motor
  • 300Wh Li-Ion battery mounted low in the frame
  • TIG welded Chrome-Moly frame
  • Tough multilayer powdercoat finish
  • Stainless steel handlebar, stem, fenders, spokes, hardware
  • Hub dynamo, internally wired LED headlamp and taillamp with standlight
  • Heavy duty wheels with puncture resistant Schwalbe Big Ben tires
  • Wide double leg centerstand


  • NuVinci N380 continuously variable hub or Shimano Nexus 8sp gearing
  • Magura hydraulic brakes or Shimano roller brakes
  • Even more powerful headlamp with standlight
  • Custom laser cut nameplate welded in frame
  • Brooks leather saddle
  • Satin black, matte grey, ocean blue, sparkle BBQ or custom colors

Cargo & Kid Options

  • Front carrier: City, Massive Rack or none
  • Bin or crate for front carrier
  • Rear carrier: standard, long or none
  • Child saddle on frame for kids 2 1/2+
  • Front and rear child seat options
  • Fr8 double rear sitter for 2 kids
Price:  €2.710
VAT 21%:  €569
Price including VAT:  €3.279

WorkCycles Fr8 V8