Woom 6

Into Adventure

10-14 years [9,1kg]

New for 2019 WorkCycles is proud to offer the wonderful Woom kids’ bikes from Austria. These bikes are extremely thoughtfully designed and lightweight. Throughout the size range the Woom bikes consistently have very low bottom brackets and shallow seat angles to make them easier for kids to handle, short reach to the handlebars, and generally really well sorted ergonomics. On adult bikes such details can improve the ride meaningfully but for kids, especially smaller kids, it can be the difference between loving cycling and not wanting to ride. Your child will learn more easily, ride more safely and have more smiles per mile on a Woom bike.

The Woom 6 is for kids roughly 10 years and older. It’s relaxed, upright sitting position makes it an ideal city bike. The extremely light weight, easy rolling tires and wide range gearing makes it great for covering longer distances too: Touring, hockey practice in the next town, riding to the beach… This bike is your ideal partner.

Notable features of all Woom bikes
  • Highly adjustable saddle and handlebars to maximize rider size range
  • Narrow cranks in lengths to match each bike size for comfortable, efficient pedaling
  • Hand brakes front and rear
  • Brake levers matched to hand size
  • Lightweight, easy rolling tires
  • Quality, nearly all-aluminium construction

Woom 6 Specs & Features
  • 26” wheels
  • 9,1kg light!
  • Fits kids roughly 140-165cm, 10+ years old
  • Saddle height 750 - 950mm
  • 8 speed derailleur gearing with freewheel
  • Quick release wheels, easy to remove to put in car or bakfiets

  • Choice of five nice, kid-friendly colors: red, blue, green, yellow or purple
  • USB chargeable lights
  • Kickstand
  • Fenders
  • Rear carrier with elastic straps
  • Lock
Price:  €429
VAT 21%:  €90
Price including VAT:  €519

Woom 6