Frog 73

Lightweight First Pedal Bike for Early Learners Aged 12 to 14 Years


WorkCycles has been quietly selling the excellent, lightweight kids bikes from Frog for several years. To be blunt most mainstream kids bikes are awful; lousy ergonomics, poor quality, nonfunctional suspension, horrid cartoon graphics and almost as heavy as the kids trying to ride them. In contrast Frog bikes are high quality, very lightweight and come in nice gender-neutral colors. Our customers (both kids and parents) have been really happy with their Frog bikes.

The Frog 73 is 26” wheeled bike with 8 speed derailleur gearing and hand brakes that weighs just 10kg. Frog recommends the 73 for 12-14 year olds but our experience is that younger kids will often already be big enough for it. Having 26” wheels the 73 is also great as a “weekend” bike for a small adult.

Like other Frog bikes the 73 been thoughtfully designed with features such as brake levers designed for smaller hands, narrow cranks and easy rolling tires. It’s available in red, orange, black, green and purple.

Like the other bigger Frog bikes the 73 is essentially a “sporty” bike but it holds up well under the rigors of urban cycling. We often fit these bikes out with extras to make them more utilitarian: mudguards, kickstand, lights and a wheel lock are the most common upgrades.


  • Suitable from 12-14 years
  • Easy to learn and fun to ride
  • Lightweight bike with aluminium frame – bike weights only 10kg
  • Small, easy to reach brake lever
  • Adjustable saddle height
  • Free 5 year warranty on frame and forks
  • Available colours: red, orange, black, green and purple

Price:  €335
VAT 21%:  €70
Price including VAT:  €405

Frog 73