WorkCycles Kr8 Delivery bicycle

The perfect inner-city delivery bicycle. Carries a ton and is far faster and more agile than any trike. The WorkCycles Kr8 Delivery squeezes through traffic since its no wider than a standard bicycle's handlebars. The Kr8 rolls right on and off its rock-solid, spring-loaded center-stand for easy parking and loading. These bikes were previously built on the basis of the WorkCycles Cargobike Long but since 2014 we use its successor, the WorkCycles Kr8 chassis.

Modern design, quality construction for serious daily use with minimal maintenance. Built tough and corrosion-resistant to live outdoors in all climates.

We offer a couple standard delivery boxes but can also build specials to suit your business needs. Most Kr8 Delivery bikes are custom built for each client's needs. Inquire for more information.


  • Delivery services
  • On-the go urban businesses

Load capacity-

  • 100kg front
  • 50kg on the rear carrier

Key specs-

  • Welded Chrome-Moly steel frame
  • Extra-strong 20"/26"wheels, puncture resistant tires
  • Waterproof marine plywood box with aluminium extrusions
  • Automatically retracting 4-point parking stand
  • Stainless mudguards, chain-case, wheel lock
  • Hub dynamo, LED headlamp, LED taillamp with standlight


  • 8 speed internal hub gears or NuVinci CVT hub
  • Hand-operated Shimano roller (hub) brakes or Magura hydraulic rim brakes
  • Electric assist
  • Choice of rear carriers
  • Special-purpose cargo boxes made to order
  • Extended frame to carry four 60 x 40 Euronorm crates or even a Europallet
  • Insulated boxes to transport warm or perishable goods
  • Custom colors and graphics
Price - Not available

WorkCycles Kr8 Delivery bicycle
Extended frame with platform for 4 Euronorm boxes
Extended frame with platform for 4 Euronorm boxes
An open "picnic" box
An open "picnic" box
Custom built Cargobike for Molly Malone's sausages in Dublin
Custom built Cargobike for Molly Malone's sausages in Dublin