WorkCycles Apron

Bring your cycling into the workshop -or the kitchen- with this hip WorkCycles apron.

Whether you're a proud WorkCycles rider, an aspiring WorkCycles owner saving her pennies, or just think its cool to flash our brand, we've got you covered.


  • These aprons can be used in the kitchen or in the workshop. Repels grease, but only the kind from a chain.
  • The bike picture is very subtlely silkscreened in warm gray onto the black background, giving it an almost eerie 3D effect. The silkscreen detail is amazing - even the tiny logo on the bike's front fork is clearly readable (for somebody with their head practically on your chest, that is).
  • They come in superlong for a stylish look and to keep your shins clean.
  • We're happy to send them anywhere.
Price:  €13
VAT 21%:  €3
Price including VAT:  €15

WorkCycles Apron

Some WorkCycles Applications

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