Pickup Frame-Mounted Front Carrier

We fit this carrier to many of our bicycles. The Pickup is incredibly strong, removable in seconds and most importantly it is fixed to the bicycle's frame. This means that it doesn't rotate with the handlebars and front wheel enabling you to carry considerable loads with almost no effect on the bicycle's steering. We cite 25kg as the load capacity but have often carried much more: The stiffer the frame and more solid the bike the more you can carry without your bicycle feeling like a wet noodle.

The Pickup includes a special (stainless steel) mount that clamps to the downtube. Other, similar looking front carriers clamp to the head tube where they often crush the tube, destroying the frame. Once installed the Pickup can be easily slipped in and out of its mounting tubes. A hole is provided for an anti-theft bolt or small padlock.

Fitting this carrier usually requires some adaptation and thus workshop skills. The Pickup is designed for heavy duty city bikes with steel frames, relaxed geometry and no front rim brake. The Pickup mount will fit straight downtubes up to 32mm (or larger if you are VERY handy). It will generally NOT FIT hybrids or mountain bikes.

Your bicycle's headlamp must be moved to the front fork. While not mandatory, the front carrier equipped bicycle will be much more handy if also equipped with a Hebie 2-leg centerstand and steering limiter spring. We stock these too.

Price:  €72
VAT 21%:  €15
Price including VAT:  €87

Pickup Frame-Mounted Front Carrier

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