High-Tech Antitheft Bicycle Spray

The threat of bicycle theft remains one of the main deterrents to urban cycling. The problem is that your bicycle is worth money thus thieves want it. Good locks will make the bike more difficult to steal but they don't make it less attractive. The thief will thus seek a way to defeat your locks.

That's why WorkCycles unique Bicycle Antitheft Spray is so unique. Instead of defending against cutters, jacks and grinders it attacks the underlying motivation: desire. After applying Bicycle Antitheft Spray your bicycle appears so worthless that locks are necessary only to avoid having your bike picked up by the trash collectors.

The secret ingredient to Bicycle Antitheft Spray is a specially developed electromagnetically activated, powdered memory metal. This amazing material was initially developed to stow giant reflectors and antennas inside small satellites.

Antitheft Spray is easy and fun to use: Just spray liberally over your bicycle, wait one hour to cure and then hammer, bend and kick your bike into a suitable, undesirable shape. The instruction book includes tips and examples. With the press of the activator button the bicycle will spring back to its original form and color!

Available only in red. Kit includes Antitheft Spray, instruction manual, seat-tube mounted activator switch and rechargeable battery pack. Tools not included. Works on all metal and leather parts. Does NOT work on carbon fiber!

Price - Not available

High-Tech Antitheft Bicycle Spray

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