Heavy-Duty Chain Locks

WorkCycles stocks our favorite locks from Abus, Viro, Axa and Trelock. For most urban uses an integrated chain lock is most convenient and secure. All of the locks we sell are too strong to be broken with bolt cutters. The chain should be long enough to reach around the poles or other common objects, yet not so long that carrying it is a hassle. We find 140-150cm ideal for cargobikes and 100-110cm just about right for city and transport bikes.

The Abus Granit City Chain is unequalled and it comes with a matching price tag: super-hard hexagonal shackles, special code-key, very convenient closure, sealed keyhole and thorough plastic covering to protect your bike.

The Viro Box Lock isn't as smooth as the Abus Granit but it offers comparable protection at a much lower price. We highly recommend these for cargobikes and trikes where the lock will be tossed in the box.

Abus' less pricey Steel-O-Chain 910 and 810 are also excellent integrated chains for about the same price as the Viro. They're slightly less secure, but good for city bikes since their smooth shape and plastic covering is easy on paint. The 810 has 8mm shackles and the 910 has 10mm shackles.

We also have a full range of ring (rear wheel) locks from Axa, Abus and Trelock. Please contact us for advice and pricing on these and other locks.

Price:  €58
VAT 21%:  €12
Price including VAT:  €71

Heavy-Duty Chain Locks

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