Heavy-Duty Bicycle Bags (Panniers & Shoppers)

WorkCycles offers the colorful, waterproof, indestructible bicycle bags from Clarijs. These simple but thoughtfully designed "Bisonyl" (truck tarp material) bags are hand-made in a variety of styles and a bewildering array of colors. You can even design your own! We also carry the cruder but still effective Fastrider bags.

We have two sizes of Clarijs panniers: "XL" (right) which will swallow plenty of groceries, and "S" which is just big enough for a fat A4 binder or slim laptop case. A handy extra for the XL is a matching shopping bag that fits perfectly inside.

New from Clarijs is their "Portable Pannier" (not shown) that hooks to the carrier. It looks much like the panniers shown but single and with a shoulder strap. Perfect for commuting or shopping.

We have three types of Fastrider bags: "Cargo" which is similar in style to the Clarijs bags except no options/less nice/less expensive and "Canvas" which are similar bags in heavy black cotton. The Canvas bags come in XL and XXL sizes. There are also the "Enormous Newspaper Delivery Bags" which have hard sides and really heavy PVC material. They're black, industrial looking and truly giant, perhaps XXXXL on the pannier richter scale.

Price:  €38
VAT 21%:  €8
Price including VAT:  €46

Heavy-Duty Bicycle Bags (Panniers & Shoppers)

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