Heavy-Duty Bicycle Bags (Panniers & Shoppers)

WorkCycles sells lots of these colorful, waterproof and indestructible bicycle bags from Clarijs, a local, family run sailmaking firm in business since the 1940's. The simple but thoughtfully designed "Bisonyl" (truck tarp material) bags are hand-made in a variety of styles and a bewildering array of colors. In addition to the standard models Clarijs also makes panniers from recycled truck tarps and some other materials. You can even design your own.

The Clarijs panniers are of the Dutch style, that is left and right sides are connected and the whole unit is semi-permanently attached to your rear carrier. All of our panniers come with a big, fat ring in the top to pass a lock or cable through. Cutting slits or holes for your rear carrier's elastics or to mount a child seat is no problem; the Bisonyl is crazy tough material and will not tear.

We mostly sell the Clarijs "XL" which will swallow plenty of groceries. A handy extra for the XL is a matching shopper bag that fits inside perfectly; just pull it out, do your groceries and slide it back in full. Occasionally we also special order the "S" size which is just big enough for a fat A4 binder or slim laptop case.

Important to know: These panniers are big and boxy thus they really require a bike with long chainstays and a long, Dutch style rear carrier. Put them on a typical sporty bike and your heels will hit them annoyingly when pedaling.

The price listed is for basic, single-color models. Multicolors, customs, ReCycled models and other specials cost somewhat more. 

Price:  €53
VAT 21%:  €11
Price including VAT:  €65

Heavy-Duty Bicycle Bags (Panniers & Shoppers)

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