Bicycle Child Seats

WorkCycles stocks a full range of Bobike and GMG child seats for kids from about 9 months to 10 years old. We also stock a full range of adaptors, accessories and spares such as windscreens, headrests and spoke guards. Below is an overview, but please contact us for help in choosing the right seat.

The Bobike Mini (left) mounts behind the handlebar and is ideal for kids from about 9 mo. to 3 yrs old. The Mini can be removed in seconds and a windscreen is available. Note that front child seats only work well on upright city bikes and tall riders need a bicycle with long top-tube and/or high head tube for knee clearance.

The Bobike Maxi/Maxi Plus (middle) is a rear seat that fit kids from 9 months to about 6 years old. Unlike other seats the Bobike mounts directly to the frame, thus its not dependent on a rear carrier. Adaptors are sometimes needed, especially on smaller frames.

The Bobike Junior (right) is a folding seat for kids from 5 to 10 years old. It uses the same mounting system as the Maxi/Plus above. A nice feature of the Junior is a little carrier that folds down in back. The top surface can also be used as a rack (when nobody's sitting in the seat).

We also have the GMG range of child seats. These are a bit more old fashioned, but they do have the advantage of clipping directly into the rear carriers of most Dutch bikes. The long carrier of the new WorkCycles Fr8 bike can actually fit 2 of these.

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Bicycle Child Seats

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