Coronavirus - our measures

  • We are open on a normal schedule, but kindly ask you to make an appointment for repairs, test rides and so on.
  • We only allow 2 customers inside at the same time.
  • We keep a strict hygiene regime, meaning we clean the workshop, door handles, tools, payment terminals, test bikes etcetera regularly by disinfecting them.
  • Repair bikes will be disinfected upon delivery and pick up. Test bikes will be disinfected in the same manner.
  • We kindly ask you:

  • Not to enter the shop if you or your companions (kids included) have any signs of a fever, a cough or a cold.
  • To keep a distance of at least 1.5m to other people inside the shop. We don't shake hands, but are happy to give a nudge-nudge :).
  • To pay by PIN/CC instead of cash.
  • To keep your kids with you: they are not allowed to play in the shop.
  • Please stay in the restricted area at the front of the shop and wait for us to help you.

    We wish you all the strength in these challenging times and hope you stay healthy!

    The WorkCycles Team