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New Yorker Henry Cutler's corporate job transported him from California to the Netherlands. The wooden shoe, cheese and tulip growing industry was monopolized, he considered windmill repair, but he ended up fiddling around with bikes. Proper Dutch bikes, that is. Because nothing is more thrilling and challenging than beating the Dutch at their own game.

Enjoy his personal blog, of an American living and breathing Dutch bikes in the lion's den, sharing his views on bicycles, bicycle design, bicycle culture and bicycles news in general. Warning: sprinkles of snark, irony, sarcasm and (sometimes dark) humor included. Complaints are also welcome in the comments. Spam is not.


Just in the Nick of Time!

Henry-DvdG- VoZ-1-2-15-6Whether I’ve the time or not, or a burning topic to write about is utterly irrelevant. I just noticed that in four days it’ll be a YEAR since I last added a post to Bakfiets en Meer. Jeetje, I’m sucking at this blog thing. Fortunately the blogging conditions are ideal today; The weather is too […]

Introducing the WorkCycles Kr8 bakfiets… Finally!

WorkCycles-Kr8-Green-Orange 10The Kr8 handles so sweetly that even a petite mom (160cm, 47kg in this case) can easily ride with a considerable load. Just a couple weeks ago I wrote about our mighty, new Vrachtfiets. But wait, there’s more news at WorkCycles! The WorkCycles Kr8 bike is finally here and (patting self on shoulder) it’s just […]

Introducing the Mighty Vrachtfiets

Vrachtfiets-palletsSinterklaas and two Zwarte Piets test the Vrachtfiets in the TU Delft wind tunnel. The Vrachtfiets is a really big, heavy-duty cargo hauler on four wheels that can do things pretty much no other bike can. It’s sturdy like a traditional Dutch bakfiets yet thoroughly modern with an ingenious suspension system and gasp…. electric assist. […]

WorkCycles 2014: Good Stuff Coming!

happynewyear-2014 (1)Here’s Dylan doing business as usual, trying to ignore the attention. Meanwhile I think we did a pretty good job of keeping these distractions from disturbing our daily business. There wasn’t much time or energy for developing new products in 2011 and 2012 but our sales remained steady and we kept building our bikes as […]

Now for Something Completely Different: Les Trois Ballons Cyclosportive

Les-Trois-Ballons-cyclosportive-2013 2This ugly old road bike with full fenders makes long, wet days in the saddle infinitely more fun. All those hours on the bike though are just to build basic fitness, essentially building the ability to train and recover because actually I’ve never been able to compete at longer distance events, nor can I climb […]

Overhaul time: Why is My Bike Soooo Sloooow?

henrys-own-nuvinci-workcycles-fr8-1My bike in the spring with the sludgy Hebie Chainglider still installed. I’m very happy to have a real, silent, frictionless Dutch chain case on my bike again. Still, I couldn’t believe that either the Chainglider or the filthy (but almost new) chain were really causing so much friction. Spinning the crank backwards the friction […]

Damn Near Lost My Fr8 Bike

p1-groceries-workcycles-fr8Reenactment of the scene of the crime that could have but didn’t happen… except that P1 is happy in this photo instead of P2 going full-on tantrum boneless. To cut to the chase I allllmost lost our beloved Workcycles Fr8 bike. In most every other alternate universe it would have been stolen. Monday morning I […]

Racing Bikes at Workcycles? Really?!

Baan wielrennen 2012-14The Workcycles crew, plus and minus some at the Amsterdam Velodrome. Is it still there Johan? Yeah really, seriously. A point I’ve been repeatedly hammering home over the years is that, in typical Dutch style, we just dig cycling in all it’s many flavors. Just because one gets around by bicycle doesn’t mean they can’t […]

Amsterdam’s First Holiday Sale… @Workcycles!

We always joke about how the Christmas sales and decorations and all that stuff come earlier every year. But now that I think about it I’ve been hearing this since my childhood so it can’t really be true. Even if the commercial exploitation of the holidays have been beginning just two days earlier each year […]

Bikes on Dikes

Aemstelhoeve bike camping trip 19The wife and kids are back from their hot and lazy summer in Japan so we’ve been working double time the last couple weeks to get some proper Dutch summer family activities it. And we’ve been thankfully lucky enough to (finally!) have good weather too. Our favorite weekend activity is, as I’ve previously written about, […]

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